no more razorblades; no more sleeping aides.

faked by Monday, July 21st, 2003

a good band died sunday.

three of the four-boy exploding hearts—whose “razorblades and sleeping aides” was one of my favorite six songs in the first six months of 2003—were killed in a van wreck yesterday morning.

poor guys. they were just really starting out, and a praise-heavy review in pitchfork really gave them a boost. hell, i went and bought their album. it’s good—the kind of songs you want to listen to when it’s the summertime.

just last nite i made a cd for my friend stephanie, who was having a birthday party at martin’s with still stanley & the symptoms. i put a exploding hearts song first—because i knew she’d love it. it’s so catchy you have to like it; it’s the kind of rock and roll that makes people smile and jump around when they get drunk.

i feel like i got ripped off. they were just a bunch of kids who talked about making out with the donnas and sang pop songs. and they had their history down, too.

so goodnight matt lock, baby, kid; you guys did a good job while you were here.

3 Responses to “no more razorblades; no more sleeping aides.”

  1. gorjus says:

    slightly misleading: they might have fared better with seatbelts, but check the time—nearly six a.m.

    the kids—20, 21, and 23—were on their way back from a gig. they were asleep.

  2. Big Gray says:

    I know Ratch, their manager. She worked for KPSU for years and I, but mostly Brian, promoted to her at Team Clermont. She’s cool as shit and had really hitched a wagon to these guys. It must really suck for her right now: survivor guilt and all that.